Asset Transfers

The following are general guidelines to follow when titling assets in the name of your trust. Only utilize these guidelines if your Will & Trust Center attorney has advised you that they pertain to your specific case.

See your Billfold Card for the specific name of your trust.

Life Insurance

  • You will need a Change of Beneficiary Form from your life insurance company.
  • Owner – Remains the same
  • Beneficiary – Owner’s Trust

Real Estate (Residence, Second Homes, Rental Properties, Farmland, etc.)

  • You will need the deeds to your properties to change ownership. Our office can assist you with this process.
  • Owner – Owner’s Trust

Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds

  • You will need Change of Ownership Forms from your brokerage firm.
  • Owner – Owner’s Trust

Non-Publicly Traded Corporate Stock

  • You will need your original stock certificates to make this change.
  • Owner – Owner’s Trust

Retirement Plans (IRAs, 401ks, SEPs, SIMPLEs, Pension, etc.)

  • You will need Change of Beneficiary Forms from your employer and/or from the brokerage firm that has custody of your retirement assets.
  • Owner – Remains the same
  • Beneficiary – Spouse, if married
  • Secondary Beneficiary – Owner’s Trust. CAUTION! Retirement Plan designations vary depending on your desired plan of distribution and tax planning considerations. Consult with your Will & Trust Center attorney before using these guidelines.